Welcome to Mike’s. The Original Arthur Avenue Italian Deli!

The Greco family’s excellent reputation has been built by Mike’s extraordinary hard work and commitment to freshness and quality and has become nationally recognized. On any given day you will see fresh mozzarella being stretched and shaped into twists or rounds, hanging from dowels to dry…

Michele and David Greco have been featured on TV and Print on a regular basis. This includes Emeril Lagasse show, Food Network Star, Throwdown w/ Bobby Flay, Eatout NY, HuffPost, Lidia’s NY, TimeOut New York, Zgata, Chopped and many many more!

Special Holiday Gifts

Tie a bow on a joyous celebration! Our Christmas gift baskets are filled with cheeses, savory snacks, meats, intriguing accompaniments & more! Our holiday gift baskets are beautifully designed to make hearts merry! ‘Tis the season for gifts styled to perfection.


Our Most Popular Items

I always pay a visit and get a sandwich at Mike’s Deli. There is an endless array of cold cuts, marinated fish, olives, and even mozzarella.

Lidia Bastianich